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    Xi’an Chaoma Technology Co.,Ltd.(former Carbon Friction Material Plant)was founded by  the 43rd research institute of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation and Aerospace Capital Holdings Co.,Ltd.in 2005 .After several equity changes,Now the company is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Shaanxi Zhongtian Rocket Technology Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation.

    The company specializes in the serialization and diversification of carbon/carbon and carbon/ceramic composite products, which has two production bases, Tianwang and Lantian.It is mainly engaged in the research and production of main business such as friction materials and carbon/carbon thermal field materials. The products cover many fields such as aviation, aerospace, transportation, photovoltaic and electronics.

    Party committees of 41 research and guide work at the grassroots level
    Badminton players show their talent
    The court flashed sword strong title
    Call for the power of youth
    Knocked out the defending champion and advanced to the last four
    "One two three four five" working method
    Standards for honesty and self-discipline for leading party cadres
  • Charcoal/charcoal pad
    Charcoal/charcoal pad
    Carbon/carbon hot pressing die
    Carbon/carbon hot pressing die
    Charcoal/charcoal stirring rod
    Charcoal/charcoal stirring rod
    Hot-pressing moulds
    Hot-pressing moulds
    Heat field of silicon carbide coated single crystal furnace
    Heat field of silicon carbide coated single crystal furnace
    Carbon/carbon hardened felt insulation
    Carbon/carbon hardened felt insulation


    【Space spirit】Self reliance and cooperation, respect for science, rigorous and pragmatic dedication to the cause of the courage to climb
    【"Two bombs and one satellite" 】Love the motherland selfless self-reliance hard cooperation brave climb
    【Manned space flight spirit】Special ability to endure hardship, special combat can be especially dedicated

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